This project between Ambassadörsakademin, in Stockholm, MAP IES Milà i Fontanals, in Vilafranca del Penedès and Hufelandschule, in Berlin, is an EU financed students’ exchange.


The aim is to come together, to find out about the similarities and differences between the three countries and to learn about the possibilities a more and more globalizing labour market is holding. Therefore, the students work together in different jobs during the exchanges. In small groups the students show each other different jobs, their hometown and inform about history and school systems. They experience parallels and differences are encouraged to name them. The project includes the usage of new technologies of communication. The students get in contact with another by internet, publish articles and reports on this web-site and produce finally a DVD about the whole project.


The communication will be held in English. Thus the students have the chance to write and talk in a foreign language, to try out their abilities and to improve the knowledge.

The general aim of the project is to show the European dimension of different possibilities of opening up ways into vocational training and into the world of work for the students and in finding similarities and differences. The students should exchange ideas and experience with people from the other schools in other countries. This general aim will be accompanied by a serial of different activities each focusing on one aspect: teambuilding, work experience abroad and the use of multimedia. Other aspects are to learn about the other countries, about their educational systems, geography, history and to open the minds towards other cultures and ways of life.

The first meeting will be held in May 2011 in Berlin. Here the focus is on teambuilding and work experience. The second meeting in autumn 2011 in Vilafranca is mainly focusing on work experience. During the third meeting in spring 2012 in Stockholm the students learn about the Swedish labour market, they review their experience and compare them and they produce a DVD in Sweden about the exchange.

The partners of the project are the follows:

 Berliner group

1st Catalan group

2nd Catalan group

Swedish group